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5 Tips To Pitch.

Tip 1 - Be Quick!

The clock is ticking! Journalist requests are time-sensitive so move quickly. If you see an opportunity that catches your eye, try to pitch as soon as possible, even if the deadline is days or even weeks away.

Tip 2 - Stay Relevant!

Tip 2 - Stay Relevant!

Think quality over quantity. You don’t need to respond to every request! Pay close attention to whether you meet the journalist’s criteria & whether their publication meets yours.

Tip 3 - Keep Your Pitch

Short & Sweet.

Tip 3 - Keep Your Pitch Short & Sweet

A perfect pitch should be short, informative & to-the-point. No fluff or unnecessary jargon!

Tip 4 - Include All Info!

Tip 4 - Include All Info!

Make sure you include all of the details that the journalist requested. Did they ask a question? Answer it! Did they request an image? Attach it!

Finally, remember to include important details, which dependent on you, may include:

Full name
Your position
Company name
Link to your website
Pricing & stockist details

Tip 5 - Proofread!

Journalists are looking for accurate information that they can use in their articles, so make your replies publication-ready. Before you hit send, double check for typos!